Ordering & Shipping

We endeavour to make ordering from us as easy as possible. Simply send an email to Rose at tripleheq@hotmail.com with what products you would like, the size and/or quantity, colour, scent et cetera and we will confirm that we have all you wish in stock.

Ordering Information:

Soaps, lotions and other body products are available year round for immediate shipping unless a special order is requested (in which case we will endeavour to fill your order as quickly as possible). These items may be shipped worldwide.

All meat is shipped from our farm frozen and wrapped in insulated foil bubble wrap. Smoked sausage and jerky are vacuum-packed. Cheese is shipped with cold packs added to the box to keep your items cool during transit. We ship meat and cheese anywhere in the USA. Smoked sausages are usually available year round.

Please check our “Cheese” page to see what varieties we are opening and have available as our cheese tends to sell very quickly!

Shipping Information:

Shipping will be via USPS Priority Post as that is the only option for us for where we live. We will endeavour to make sure your shipping charges are kept as low as possible for the weight being shipped. Please keep in mind these prices shown below are subject to change at the whim of the post office!

  • USPS Small Flat Rate Box: $7.20
  • USPS Regional Rate “A” box: $7.10 in the Oregon/Washington area, slightly higher elsewhere
  • USPS Regional Rate “B” box: $7.41 in the Oregon/Washington area, slightly higher elsewhere
  • USPS Medium Flat Rate Box: $13.65
  • USPS Large Flat Rate Box: $18.90


With return customers we are happy to include an invoice  in your box and you can reimburse us upon receipt.

Email Rose at tripleheq@hotmail.com with your order, questions or comments or call (541)934-2088. Please note! We are early risers so best time to catch us by phone is early mornings or between 6-8:30pm.


Please send us your email address if you wish to be included on our Triple H Homestead Newsletter list or to join “Rose’s Blog”. The newsletter will keep you up to date on such things as when fresh mozzarella and cream cheese will be available for purchase as well as when our specialty meats are available. Occasional special offers will also be sent your way.

You can also write or call:

Rose & Darrell Howe
Box 397
Monument, OR 97864
(541) 934-2088