Purchasing Our Products

We make purchasing our products easy!

We frequent local Farmer’s Markets during the summer months, normally July through October, as well as Craft Bazaars in Spring and around the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays. Below you will find a current list of venues, do check back often as we are constantly looking for new markets to attend and will update our list!

Find our products at these fine locations:

  • Thomas Orchards ~ Kimberly, OR
  • John Day River Trading Post ~ Kimberly, OR
  • Etc. A Unique Boutique ~ Main street, John Day, OR
  • The Condon Diner ~ 211 S. Main Street, Condon, OR
  • Dayville Mercantile ~ Dayville, OR

Where can you find us in person? Below is a list of 2017 Farmer’s Markets and other venues we will attend during the year. Visitors to our farm are also welcome, we would love to see you but ask that you please call in advance to make an appointment!

  • July 9th                                                 Kimberly Sunday Market ~ Kimberly    10am – 4pm 
  • July 22nd                                              Thomas Orchard ~ Kimberly     11am – 3pm 
  • August 5th                                           Thomas Orchard ~ Kimberly     11am – 3pm 
  • August 13th                                         Kimberly Sunday Market ~ Kimberly    10am – 4pm EVENT CANCELLED
  • August 26th                                         Thomas Orchard ~ Kimberly     11am – 3pm 
  • September 2nd                                   Thomas Orchard ~ Kimberly     11am – 3pm 
  • September 10th                                  Kimberly Sunday Market ~ Kimberly    10am – 4pm
  • October  7th                                         Thomas Orchard ~ Kimberly     11am-3pm

Other Annual Events!

  • July 4th                                                  Monument Fourth of July Celebration ~ Monument
  • November 2017                                   Mount Vernon Bazaar ~ Mount Vernon Community Center ~  9am-4pm
  • November 18th                                   Condon Fall Festival ~ Condon ~ 10am – 2pm 
  • December 2nd                                     John Day Christmas Bazaar ~ Fairgrounds Pavilion John Day ~ 9am – 4pm
  • December 10th 2017                         Monument Christmas Bazaar ~ Monument Senior Center ~ 10am – 4pm