Smoked Sausages

 Freshly Smoked Salami, Summer Sausage and Pepperoni!

smoked sausages

Sausages in the Smoker!

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Our Smoked Sausages are made right here on the farm from our home-raised, grass fed natural beef. Only the finest spices are added, always lean, never too salty, smoked with hard woods such as Cherry, Apple, Maple and Alder. Our Summer Sausage and Salami are 100% beef packed into fibrous casings. Our Pepperoni is also 100% beef but is stuffed into real hog casings giving the sausages that “Old World” look!

We try to keep a good supply of smoked sausages on hand but they do sell quickly! We will update this page when a new batch is made. All our sausages and jerky are vacuum packed and frozen for freshness.

   Summer Sausage & Salami

Our Summer Sausage and Salami is vac packed in 8oz, 12oz and 16oz chunks. Update 1/3/2018…New batch coming soon!

Triple H Homestead Meats Sausage

Sausages ready for the smoker.


Triple H Homestead Meats Salami

Sliced salami.


8 oz. chunk – $6

12 oz. chunk – $9

16 oz. chunk – $12


Beef Pepperoni

Our Pepperoni is Vac packed in 8oz and 16oz sizes.  Update 1/3/2018… New batch coming soon!


8oz pack     $8

16oz pack   $16


Beef pepperoni


Beef Jerky

Our jerky is hand sliced from our grass-fed home raised beef. Smoked with Apple and Maple woods, our varieties include Teriyaki, Regular and Honey. All marinades are hand mixed from the finest ingredients! Vac packed in 8oz packages. Please note! Our jerky is made on a limited basis.


8oz pack   $12     Update 1/3/2018… Should be making more soon folks!


Check out our Gift Box page for a combination “Sausage & Cheese” Gift Box for that special someone on your gift list! Smoked Sausages are all vacuum packed


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