Home Grown Pork


Our pigs have large paddocks and pastures in which to roam. During the fine weather our sows raise their babies out in the open under Juniper & pine trees in a ten acre paddock! Our goal is to raise happy pigs in a very natural environment. The grain we feed contains no growth hormones, antibiotics or other additives and all our pigs are supplemented with whey from our cheese making, apples and other fruit from the orchard and naturally raised garden produce.

We are sold out of butcher pigs for the SPRING 2018 season… many thanks to those who placed an order! Contact us to put your name down for AUTUMN butcher or weaner 2018 pigs. All piglets are raised from our own sows.

  • 2018 price: 1/2 or whole pig – $2.60/lb hanging weight (cut, wrap, cure and kill fee not included in this price) Spring piglets will be butchered September/October time. Autumn piglets will be butchered March/April time. Please ask about our Autumn 2018 available stock.

Bacon & Smoked Ham Roasts

Shoulder rashers

Shoulder rashers

Streaky Bacon!



Smoked Ham Roasts


Gammon rashers

Gammon rashers



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