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Our Beeswax Lotion truly is a delight for your skin! Made with as few ingredients and additives as possible using only the finest skin soothing oils and of course, beeswax! Our Beeswax Lotion is popular with all member of the family… gentlemen included! A little goes a long way and leaves your skin feeling soft but not greasy. Made in small batches, we do not colour our lotion. Mildly scented with essential oils or skin friendly, phthalate free fragrance oils.

Ingredients: Water, sweet almond oil, avocado oil, BTMS 50 (vegetable based emulsifier), coconut oil, beeswax, steryl alcohol and preserved with Optiphen (a paraben and formaldehyde-free preservative), Vitamin E and hydroxyethylcellulose, essential oils or phthalate free fragrance oils

“Bug Out!” Beeswax Lotion.

“Bug Out!” … The Natural Alternative to DEET…. and yes, it really does work!

The CDC now recognizes Lemon Eucalyptus Essential Oil has the same mosquito and tick repelling properties as DEET. A great natural alternative! Added to our Beeswax Lotion, we now offer a gentle, skin loving way to keep those pesky bugs at bay! If you like the smell of Lemongrass, you will love the scent of Lemon Eucalyptus! We also have “Bug Out!” soap bars available, check out our “UMED” soap page.

“Bug Out!” Testimonials…

Kathe M.D., Oregon : “You’ll be getting at least one new customer for your Bug Out lotion. I took it to Guatemala and Costa Rica with me when other people started noticing that I had very few bug bites compared to them. It works wonderfully, smells good and stays on all day. Thanks for making such a great product with safe ingredients!”

Susan G., West Virginia : “I used it this morning and no bugs liked me today!!!”

Mary L., Illinois : “Rose I have tried it numerous times now and it works on mosquitos and those pesky knats. Like it will be ordering a bigger bottle.”

Jennifer B. Alberta, Canada: “My family loves Rose’s Creations “Bug Out!”
We love knowing it’s safe and has no harsh harmful chemicals! Rose’s Bug out smells fresh and you don’t need a lot! We have a ton of mosquitoes; My daughter and I were always being bitten. Since we started using Rose’s Creations ” Bug Out” I can confidently say, we have not been bitten once!! Thank you for creating such a wonderful, safe and effective product, that the whole family can use.”


Beeswax Lotion Prices:

2 oz. bottle – $3  Buy 10 bottles for $20… Great as stocking stuffers or party favours!

2 oz. “Bug Out!” bottle – $3

4 oz. bottle – $5  

8 oz. bottle – $10 Buy 2 for $18

16 oz tub – $16 …  great for a gift!


Lemongrass, English Rose, Energy, Plumaria, White Tea & Ginger, Orange & Ginger, Lavender, Honey Oatmeal, Buttercream, Cucumber Melon, Warm Vanilla, Jasmine, Lemon Eucalyptus (Bug Out!), Unscented.


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