Aged Cheese

Aged Cheese

Golden Gouda

Our Aged Cheese such as Creamy Colby, Golden Gouda, Farmhouse Cheddar and Cotswold have become very popular indeed! Wheels tend to sell quickly as soon as I cut one open. Each wheel is approximately 4 pounds, waxed and aged a minimum of 90 days with some waiting 12 months in our “cheese cave” before being opened. Our Port Wine Cheddar is an example of one in which we let age at least a year before cracking open and was a great success last year so more has been made and is currently aging for opening during the Christmas season.

I will try to keep an update below on the variety of cheese open and ready for sale. It is always best to contact us on availability as our cheese sells so quickly! We do ship anywhere in the USA except during the hottest summer months. Place orders early if you want to reserve some cheese for the holidays!

Check us out on Facebook, our page is … Triple H Homestead & Rose’s Creations! This will keep you updated on when a cheese is opened and ready for sale!

Cheese Varieties and Prices:

Cheese sold in wedges from 4oz & up. Please specify how much you would like to purchase. All cheese is $16/pound (except the Port Wine Cheddar which is $18/pound)

  • Golden Goudadefinitely a favourite! Smooth & creamy with the classic “nutty” flavour.
  • Farmhouse Cheddar: sharp, crisp flavour and excellent with apples or pears!  
  • Creamy Colby: NOT your average Colby!  Crisp flavour, smooth & delicious! 
  • Cotswold: a sharp, tangy cheese, rather like a good cheddar, a tad crumbly, very popular!  
  • Derbyshire: an English specialty, slightly salty, made in limited quantities   
  • Leicestershire: another English specialty, crisp, sharpish yet smooth tasting, made in limited quantities  
  • Shropshire: an English classic! Made in limited quantities. We also have Shropshire Sage!
  • Port Wine Cheddarwell aged with generous amount of fine Port Wine added, aged for one full year, only opened around Christmas time, made in limited quantities  $18/pound  

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